About River Tisza

Summary of the line segment of the River Tisza between the pontoon bridge by Csongrád and the state border

Download Here: Határ - Csongrád ponton híd

River Tisza is the second biggest river in Hungary.


Average fall: Kisköre - Szeged: 5,5 cm/km

Average pace: Kisköre - Szeged: 1,1 - 1,3 km/h

Average width: Kisköre - Szeged: 160 m

Average depth: Kisköre - Szeged: 3,5-5 m


Rating: IV/A – 110 m long ships with  maximum 3,500 ton carrying capacity can work day and night between Tiszakóród and state border 724 – 159,6 564,5 ZWA.

The waterway is at least 50 m wide. In 4 turns it goes down to 43 meters.
Critical clearance stand at the bridge nearby Algyő. From point 0 on gauge to the lower edge of the bridge – road bridge 13,72 m / railway bridge 12,33 m.

Compared to the gauge by Szeged (73,7 m): LKV -250 cm ; LNV 1009 cm

State of emergency:

I. alert level: 650 cm
II. alert level: 750 cm
III. alert level: 850 cm

If water level drops below 6,7 m at Szeged, shipping blockade is in force.



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